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Kritical Solutions, LLC was formed in August of 2022, based out of Central Illinois, servicing customers worldwide. We are here to provide any help you need with web solutions, home technology, marketing solutions, AR/VR and so it goes.


Kritical Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by dedicated tech professionals with over 15 years of tech repair, tech solutions, tech education, and web development experience. We provide top notch service and technologies for a fair price. Since we service everything in-house and remotely, we can cut your tech costs greatly!

We also provide more services:
3D manufacturing, laser engraving services, heat transfer vinyl, augmented and virtual reality services, even more to come!


Kritical Solutions, LLC.
1234 N Prairie Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



Time to Shine

Our website development services have been structured to make your online journey smooth with easy online updating features without losing any advanced functionality you might need or want.

Kritical Solutions, LLC is a partner of Your website has to look great and have top-notch performance, but it also has to be easy to maintain. That's why we will build your site on Wix. When it's time for you to work with your new website, you won't require any heavy lifting from us. We'll transition everything over to you and get you up to speed on how to manage your new site.

Web Services

Wix is the most innovative web design and development platform on the market. Wix gives us total freedom so we can design any kind of website for you—no matter what you need. It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. There are a lot of reasons why we choose Wix as our primary platform for our clients' sites. Here are just a few:

  • Top-grade, reliable hosting and security

  • Industry leading SEO to make sure you are found on Google and other search platforms

  • Unlimited storage. Your site can have as many pages and images as you want.

  • Custom domains that you can choose or connect your own.

  • Professional business solutions like eCommerce, Restaurant ordering & reservations, Online booking systems, and more.

  • Mobile management from the app so you can see when someone visits your site, chat with customers from your phone, and more.

  • Friendly CRM & Marketing tools to help you manage your customer base and send out email campaigns.

  • Seamless website handoff so you can easily make updates to your site going forward and manage your customers.

  • World-class support. Wix is there for any and all of your questions.

Professional staff with over 15 years experience in web development and web technologies.

And Kritical Solutions, LLC. is here to make that happen.
We will focus on:

  • Creating a brand strategy that works both online and offline

  • Crafting a communication strategy that is right for you

  • Building a stunning website that is easy to use

  • Establishing your website as a portal for resources, information, and referrals

  • Driving traffic through search engines like Google

  • Establishing a direct channel of communication with customers (CRM)

  • Easy hand-off to you and your editors

  • All up to date, secure, web technologies

  • Sleek, interactive designs with full creative freedom of what goes where

  • Client update features

  • Take online payments

  • Sell your products online
  • Take bookings, appts, and more

Kritical Solutions, LLC

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